Cultures of Resistance, issue III

Volume I, Issue III: The Building of a Docile Islam in Britain: How not to Prevent Violent Exremism
Spoooked! How not to Prevent Violent Extremism - Arun Kundnani
Pakistan Without Borders - Faisal Devji
Cultural Sufism and its Relationship to ‘Irfan - Seyed Sadreddin Safavi
The Experience of the Islamic Revolution in Iran: The Contemporary Debate - Sheikh Chafiq Jeradeh
Recognising Resistance: Lessons from Northern Ireland for Palestine and Israel - Ali Abunimah
Armed Struggle and Political Resistance: Lessons from Ireland’s and South African Resistance - Ismail Patel

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  1. […] CST has pointed out – has a dismal record of antisemitism. Conflicts Forum has produced a periodical entitled “Cultures of Resistance“, the first volume of which at least was in part […]