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15/02/2008 Interview

Disarmament vs. Demilitarization

Tags: Disarmament, Hezbollah, Lebanon

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An Interview with Ambassador Chester Crocker, February, 2008 In 2006, the United States Institute of Peace generously provided a grant to Conflicts Forum to conduct

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09/02/2008 Interview

Language – A Tool to Transform Different into Dangerous

Tags: Dialogue, Islamists, Political Islam


Alastair Crooke interviewed by Christian Porth, Daily Star, February 2, 2008 “If thought corrupts language,” the English author George Orwell wrote in his famous 1946

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02/01/2008 Interview

Alastair Crooke in the FT Magazine

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“Middle Man in the Middle East” by James Harkin for FT Magazine 2 January 2008

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03/12/2007 Interview

Bottom-up Peacebuilding in the Occupied Territories

Tags: Dialogue, Fatah, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Occupied Territories


Alastair Crooke interviewed by Aisling Byrne, Projects Co-ordinator with Conflicts Forum, Beirut, November, 2007 Alastair Crooke, former special Mid-East adviser to European Union’s Foreign Policy

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19/07/2007 Interview

Audio: Talking to Terrorists, parts I & II

Tags: Dialogue, Hamas, Hezbollah


BBC News, July 15, 2007 In Part One of a new two-part series, Alastair Crooke, a veteran of secret negotiations in many parts of the

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08/07/2007 Interview

Hamas Briefing

Tags: Fatah, Hamas, Mecca Agreement, Palestinians


On security in Gaza, Palestinian democracy, the National Unity Government, and the kidnapping of Alan Johnston The following is an edited and annotated transcript of

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