19/12/2018 Article

America’s Technology and Sanctions War Will End, by Bifurcating the Global Economy


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Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture Foundation, 18 Dec 2018 “The true reason behind the US-China ‘trade’ war has little to do with actual trade … What

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Iran’s Leader of the Revolution recommends four steps for confronting the US… Retweeted by Conflicts Forum

CENTCOM Spox Bill Urban says video shows Iranians on IRGC patrol boat physically grabbing the unexploded limpet mine off the side of the tanker & "trying to capture crew members", all under watch of US aircrews & USS Bainbridge crew who'd arrived on scene

4/4 - that a Cruise Missile with an explosive head has reached a Saudi airport means that the Saudi-led Alliance’s air defense systems & US Patriot missiles are no longer capable of protecting Saudi & Emirati airports & other targets…