25/10/2012 Article

Russia to be an “Efficient Balancer” in Asia

Whilst Russia’s heart and soul is still with the West, the East becomes a highly selective engagement

/ MK Bhadrakumar

Tags: Dialogue, Diplomacy, Europe, Middle East, Russia

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Originally posted by MK Bhadrakumar, 25 October 2012 It is a pity that I can’t recount the free-wheeling, scintillating discussions with the Russian intelligentsia and

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11/04/2012 Article

Stuff White People Like n.135 Humanitarian Intervention

If you want to retain white friends, you must adhere to a number of sacred rules: the stuff white people like

/ Marc Michael

Tags: Dialogue, Diplomacy, Europe, Obama administration, War on terrorism


First published on Jadaliyya on 11 April 2012 I usually get along with white people. For starters, I grew up in a white country. Some

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14/05/2009 Publication

Cultures of Resistance, issue II


Tags: Dialogue, Diplomacy, Northern Ireland, Political Islam, War on terrorism

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Volume I, Issue II: From the Margins to the Centre From the Margins to the Centre: An Irish Republican Narrative of Resistance – Raymond McCartney

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19/03/2009 Article

The China Syndrome

Is it wise to follow a policy that, without being effective against Hizballah, leaves Iran as her only friend?

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Dialogue, Hezbollah

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Bitter Lemons, March 19, 2009 The late historian Barbara Tuchman was an accomplished writer, but her reputation rests more properly on her insights. Her seminal

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01/11/2008 Publication

Loving the Enemy: Militant Visions of the West

/ Faisal Devji

Tags: Al Qaeda, Dialogue, Diplomacy

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This paper makes the argument that militants associated with Al-Qaeda speak from within the world of their enemies and possess no place outside it. Whether

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11/07/2008 Publication

Cultures of Resistance, issue I


Tags: Dialogue, Diplomacy, Islamists, War on terrorism

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Volume I, Issue I: Jihad and Terrorism A War of Words – Moazzam Begg Talking About The Conflict – Mark Perry The Paradox of Islamist

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