21/09/2007 News

Perceptions of identity – Islamist identity and neoconservatism

Tags: Neocons, Political Islam

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A Conflicts Forum seminar, Beirut, June 19, 2007 Project Outline* We are at a point of conflict and growing instability in the Middle East where

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14/08/2007 Article

Washington in Lebanon and Palestine: Fatal Manipulation

/ Amal Saad-Ghorayeb

Tags: Bush Administration, Gaza, Hamas, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Mecca Agreement, Middle East, Neocons, Palestinians, Political Islam

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openDemocracy August 14, 2007 Many parallels are currently being drawn between the crises in Palestine and Lebanon. A number focus on the most visible similarity:

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22/01/2007 Article

Talking to Tehran


Tags: Bush Administration, Dialogue, Iran, Neocons


For several months now, the United States and Israel have promoted what could be described as a two-tiered narrative in confronting Iran. That coming from

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07/01/2007 Article

Elliot Abrams’ Uncivil War


Tags: Bush Administration, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Neocons, Palestinians


Is the Bush administration violating the law in an effort to provoke a Palestinian civil war? Deputy National Security Advisor, Elliott Abrams — who Newsweek

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07/09/2006 Article

A Slippage in Language

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Bush Administration, Neocons

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Bitterlemons, September 7, 2006 Since talk of “Islamofascism” is so much in vogue these days, it might be useful to return to those years when

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08/06/2006 Article

How to Lose the War on Terrorism:
V. The Politics of Indignation

/ Mark Perry & Alastair Crooke

Tags: Al Qaeda, Bush Administration, Neocons, Political Islam, Salafism, War on terrorism

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Asia Times, June 8, 2006 The foundational belief of the “war on terrorism” is that militant Islam is hollow. We are not fighting a credible

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