26/10/2012 Article

The Treasures of War: ‘Britain’s Great Adventure in Basra’

Exposing the real priorities behind the British occupation of Iraq

/ The Editors

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Originally posted on News Unspun, 26 October 2012 Radio 4’s Today programme of 16 October provided rare, frank insight into the priorities behind the British

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14/01/2011 Article

Iran, the US, and the Balance of Power in the Middle East

If there is no security for Iranians, in their eyes there will be no security for Iran’s antagonists in the region.

/ Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Tags: Iran, Middle East, Obama administration, War in Iraq, War on terrorism


The Islamic Republic of Iran’s interest in a stable Middle East is arguably greater than that of the United States—after all this is Iran’s neighborhood.

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31/07/2007 Article

Behind the Mansour Hotel Bombing

/ Baghdad Correspondent

Tags: Al Qaeda in Iraq, Bush Administration, Iraq, War in Iraq


The noontime bombing that killed a dozen Iraqis at Baghdad’s Mansour Melia Hotel on June 25 continues to reverberate through Iraq — and through the

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23/07/2007 Article

Selling the Iraqi Resistance

/ Baghdad Correspondent

Tags: Al Qaeda, Bush Administration, Iraq, War in Iraq


One of the more interesting — and quiet — visits to Washington was made recently by Sunni parliamentary leader Mohammed al-Dayni, who visited Capitol Hill

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17/05/2007 Article

Maliki and Sadr

/ Baghdad Correspondent

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American troops entering Baghdad on April 9, 2003 noted the strange quiet that enveloped large parts of the city. While Baathist gunmen continued to launch

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08/05/2007 Article

New Front Challenges al-Qaeda in Iraq

/ Baghdad Correspondent

Tags: Al Qaeda, Iraq, War in Iraq

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The establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq — an al-Qaeda inspired organization that threatened to split the Sunni resistance and sparked high-profile attacks against

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