Conflicts Forum’s Weekly Comment 28 March – 4 April 2014

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We noted last week that President Obama’s key Middle East foreign policy issues had turned suddenly sour – on the eve of President Obama and

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Challenging perspectives on Islamism and politics in the Middle East

Conflicts Forum aims to shift Western opinion towards a deeper, less compartmentalised understanding of Islam and the Middle East.
By examining problems in terms of differences of thinking, language and intellectual and metaphysical traditions, we attempt to frame differences as more than simple struggles for power. Although not a particular focus of our work, reconciliation is sometimes an outcome of what we do.


05/02/2007 News

Time to Talk to Iran

Tags: Dialogue, Iran, NPT

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Military attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences warns new report [PDF]: Coalition urges new diplomatic push to avoid crisis. On the one year anniversary of

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04/02/2007 Article

Condi Encounters Resistance

The Secretary of State calls Hamas a “resistance movement”

/ Paul Woodward

Tags: Bush Administration, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Last September, McClatchy Newspapers foreign affairs correspondent, Warren Strobel, was asked whether the second Bush administration could still keep its stories straight. During the first

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28/01/2007 Article

Jimmy Carter’s Lipstadt Problem

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Holocaust, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians


Writing in the Washington Post on January 20, Emory University professor Deborah Lipstadt joins the growing chorus of critics of former President Jimmy Carter, whose

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22/01/2007 Article

Talking to Tehran


Tags: Bush Administration, Dialogue, Iran, Neocons


For several months now, the United States and Israel have promoted what could be described as a two-tiered narrative in confronting Iran. That coming from

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22/01/2007 News

Conflicts Forum Receives Grant From the European Union

Tags: Europe, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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In partnership with The Middle East Policy Initiative Forum and the Oxford Research Group “From Crisis to Opportunity: Inclusive Approaches to the Arab-Israeli Conflict” –

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14/01/2007 Article

Iraq: Beyond the Gallows


Tags: Iran, Iraq, War in Iraq


Many observers have assumed that Saddam Hussein’s execution was yet another Iraqi “milestone” timed to serve the needs of a struggling American president. Milestone it

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