18/11/2014 Article

Caught Endlessly in our Patterns of Repeated Mistakes (No, we do not learn from history)


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Conflicts Forum’s Weekly Comment, 14 Nov 2014 Veteran American foreign policy commentator, William Polk who, in earlier times, was a member of the three-man Crisis

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Challenging perspectives on Islamism and politics in the Middle East

Conflicts Forum aims to shift Western opinion towards a deeper, less compartmentalised understanding of Islam and the Middle East.
By examining problems in terms of differences of thinking, language and intellectual and metaphysical traditions, we attempt to frame differences as more than simple struggles for power. Although not a particular focus of our work, reconciliation is sometimes an outcome of what we do.


24/08/2007 Article

Talking to Terrorists

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Al Qaeda, Dialogue, Hamas, Hezbollah


BBC Radio 4, July 15, 2007 At the beginning of the decade I spent a few years in the Middle East, both as an advisor

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19/08/2007 Article

The Great Middle East Peace Process Scam

/ Henry Siegman

Tags: Bush Administration, Hamas, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians


London Review of Books, August 19, 2007 When Ehud Olmert and George W. Bush met at the White House in June, they concluded that Hamas’s

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14/08/2007 Article

Washington in Lebanon and Palestine: Fatal Manipulation

/ Amal Saad-Ghorayeb

Tags: Bush Administration, Gaza, Hamas, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Mecca Agreement, Middle East, Neocons, Palestinians, Political Islam

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openDemocracy August 14, 2007 Many parallels are currently being drawn between the crises in Palestine and Lebanon. A number focus on the most visible similarity:

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31/07/2007 Article

Behind the Mansour Hotel Bombing

/ Baghdad Correspondent

Tags: Al Qaeda in Iraq, Bush Administration, Iraq, War in Iraq


The noontime bombing that killed a dozen Iraqis at Baghdad’s Mansour Melia Hotel on June 25 continues to reverberate through Iraq — and through the

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23/07/2007 Article

Selling the Iraqi Resistance

/ Baghdad Correspondent

Tags: Al Qaeda, Bush Administration, Iraq, War in Iraq


One of the more interesting — and quiet — visits to Washington was made recently by Sunni parliamentary leader Mohammed al-Dayni, who visited Capitol Hill

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19/07/2007 Interview

Audio: Talking to Terrorists, parts I & II

Tags: Dialogue, Hamas, Hezbollah


BBC News, July 15, 2007 In Part One of a new two-part series, Alastair Crooke, a veteran of secret negotiations in many parts of the

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