24/02/2015 Article

Non-Dollar Trading Is Killing the Petrodollar — And the Foundation of U.S.-Saudi Policy in the Middle East


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(Apologies for late posting on CF’s website – this article was first published by Huffington Post on 2 December 2014) Alastair Crooke, Huffington Post, 2

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Challenging perspectives on Islamism and politics in the Middle East

Conflicts Forum aims to shift Western opinion towards a deeper, less compartmentalised understanding of Islam and the Middle East.
By examining problems in terms of differences of thinking, language and intellectual and metaphysical traditions, we attempt to frame differences as more than simple struggles for power. Although not a particular focus of our work, reconciliation is sometimes an outcome of what we do.


14/10/2007 Article

Ticking Clocks and ‘Accidental’ War

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Bush Administration, Hezbollah, Iran, Middle East, Syria


An edited version of this article appeared in the October edition of US/ME Policy Brief, US/Middle East Project. Whilst Washington looks at the Iranian prospects

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14/10/2007 Article

From Secularism to Jihad: Sayyid Qutb and the Foundations of Radical Islamism

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood, Political Islam

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From Secularism to Jihad: Sayyid Qutb and the Foundations of Radical Islamism by Adnan Musallam A review by Alastair Crooke, Journal of Islamic Studies (Vol

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08/10/2007 Article

Closing NGOs Undermine Abu Mazen Government

/ West Bank Correspondent

Tags: Fatah, Gaza, Hamas, Palestinians, West Bank


The Al-Wurud Organization supports 130 poor families by providing food packages during holy days, feasts, and at the beginning of the school year. They hold

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07/10/2007 Article

Secularism and Islamism in the Arab World

/ Sukant Chandan

Tags: Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda in Iraq, Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Intifada, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinians, Political Islam, Secularism


Secularism in the political leadership in the Arab world has had a very short life-span if put into historical context. It became a dominant political

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30/09/2007 Article

Your Best Friend Hates You

/ Ibrahim El Houdaiby

Tags: Democracy, Dialogue, Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood


Of all the puzzling remarks made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, naming Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his regime as one of America’s strongest

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21/09/2007 News

Perceptions of identity – Islamist identity and neoconservatism

Tags: Neocons, Political Islam

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A Conflicts Forum seminar, Beirut, June 19, 2007 Project Outline* We are at a point of conflict and growing instability in the Middle East where

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