28/10/2009 Article

Yemen: A Slogan and Six Wars

The violent rebellion is drawing the attention of regional and international actors to the formidable set of threats confronting the sole republic in the Arabian Peninsula.

/ Khaled Fattah

Tags: Saudi Arabia, Yemen


Yemen, the weakest, least developed and most tribal Middle Eastern state is battling for the sixth time a Shi’ite Zaydi rebellion in the mountainous north

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18/10/2009 Article

Nukes Aside, the Real Problem with Iran

It might seem counterintuitive to most Americans and Europeans, but Ahmadinejad’s advice might be worth pondering.

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Disarmament, Iran, Obama administration


Published in the Christian Science Monitor, the LA Times and Council for Foreign Relations (USA). Distributed by Tribune Media Services. The country is emerging as

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18/10/2009 Article

Political Islamic and Jihadi Movements

Here we are, today, facing three different classifications of Islamic movements: traditional institutions; political Islamist movements; and the Islamic resistance movements.

/ Sheikh Chafiq Jaredah

Tags: Political Islam

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Director, Institute for Sapiential Knowledge for Religious and Philosophical Studies, Beirut In His name be He exalted It is appropriate to adopt caution, and to

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14/10/2009 Article

Will Fatah – as Much as Israel – be the Target of the next Intifada?

A seriously aggravating factor in Fatah’s internal crisis has been the failure of the peace process to deliver even minimum Palestinian rights.

/ Ben White

Tags: Fatah

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For the best part of half a century, Fatah dominated Palestinian politics. Israeli attempts to extinguish the movement failed; rivals were co-opted or sidelined. But

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