About Conflicts Forum

Conflicts Forum is a small consultancy that works on geo-political and geo-financial developments as they relate to the Middle East. Our work combines a unique blend of strategic perspective with experienced political know-how. Conflicts Forum acts as a vanguard forum for deep geo-strategic thinking and for making available (directly and indirectly) differing perspectives on sensitive issues, drawn from a wide range of sources. CF’s ability to ‘interpret’ events and political developments, and to set them in geo-political and geo-strategic contexts is widely valued at senior policy and decision-making levels  globally. Conflicts Forum has as its objective to arrive at a deep understanding of geo-political strategy and its interrelation with the geo-financial. For various reasons the two have become largely severed over the last three decades. CF also holds that ‘we’ (the global political and financial order) have reached a major point of inflection. Radical change is coming. Although the narratives of the status quo still remain hugely compelling to many people, it is also the case that there is a widespread yearning (among government officials as well as the public) for intellectual honesty and integrity. It is this alternative, critical perspective that Conflicts Forum tries to provide.