28/01/2007 Article

Jimmy Carter’s Lipstadt Problem

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Holocaust, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians


Writing in the Washington Post on January 20, Emory University professor Deborah Lipstadt joins the growing chorus of critics of former President Jimmy Carter, whose

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22/01/2007 Article

Talking to Tehran


Tags: Bush Administration, Dialogue, Iran, Neocons


For several months now, the United States and Israel have promoted what could be described as a two-tiered narrative in confronting Iran. That coming from

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22/01/2007 News

Conflicts Forum Receives Grant From the European Union

Tags: Europe, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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In partnership with The Middle East Policy Initiative Forum and the Oxford Research Group “From Crisis to Opportunity: Inclusive Approaches to the Arab-Israeli Conflict” –

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14/01/2007 Article

Iraq: Beyond the Gallows


Tags: Iran, Iraq, War in Iraq


Many observers have assumed that Saddam Hussein’s execution was yet another Iraqi “milestone” timed to serve the needs of a struggling American president. Milestone it

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07/01/2007 Article

Elliot Abrams’ Uncivil War


Tags: Bush Administration, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Neocons, Palestinians


Is the Bush administration violating the law in an effort to provoke a Palestinian civil war? Deputy National Security Advisor, Elliott Abrams — who Newsweek

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01/01/2007 Article

Rice’s Stillborn Talks with the Iraqi Resistance


Tags: Bush Administration, Iraq, War in Iraq


Over the last three months, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and her top aides have scrambled to build a “new security architecture” for the Middle

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