25/02/2007 Article

Dissent in the Pentagon


Tags: Bush Administration, Iran

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It has been two weeks since chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace, publicly disagreed with the Bush administration’s assessment of “Iranian

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18/02/2007 Interview

Should the West Dialogue with Islamists?

Tags: Dialogue, Islam and globalization, Modernity, Political Islam


Alastair Crooke interviewed by Abdullah Faliq, The Cordoba Foundation, October-December, 2006 “…what Muslims hate is the West’s monopoly on the socio-economic implementation of values such

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13/02/2007 Interview

The US Campaign to Topple the Palestinian Government

Tags: Bush Administration, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians

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Al Jazeera interview with Alastair Crooke, January 24, 2007 “…to say that this person is moderate and therefore they are legitimate and other people therefore

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08/02/2007 Article

Stoking the Fire

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Bush Administration, Democracy, Hamas, Palestinians

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Bitterlemons, February 8, 2007 Before Judas’ betrayal, the Lydian historian Pausanius tells us, there was Antenor’s ancient treason. Antenor was the soldier who convinced King

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05/02/2007 News

Time to Talk to Iran

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Military attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences warns new report [PDF]: Coalition urges new diplomatic push to avoid crisis. On the one year anniversary of

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04/02/2007 Article

Condi Encounters Resistance

The Secretary of State calls Hamas a “resistance movement”

/ Paul Woodward

Tags: Bush Administration, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Last September, McClatchy Newspapers foreign affairs correspondent, Warren Strobel, was asked whether the second Bush administration could still keep its stories straight. During the first

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