25/08/2014 Article

Resurgent Iraq?


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Conflict Forum’s Weekly Comment, 8-15 August 2014 “Iran Wants Iraq’s New Premier to Start Job Immediately”. “Iranian Leader Hails Breakthrough in Iraq’s Political Deadlock: the Iranian

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Challenging perspectives on Islamism and politics in the Middle East

Conflicts Forum aims to shift Western opinion towards a deeper, less compartmentalised understanding of Islam and the Middle East.
By examining problems in terms of differences of thinking, language and intellectual and metaphysical traditions, we attempt to frame differences as more than simple struggles for power. Although not a particular focus of our work, reconciliation is sometimes an outcome of what we do.


07/05/2007 Article

The Faltering Islamic State in Iraq

/ Baghdad Correspondent

Tags: Al Qaeda, Iraq, War in Iraq


After the declaration of the Islamic State in Iraq, founded by al-Qaeda leader Abu Hamza al-Muhajir in January of this year, several Islamic resistance groups

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30/04/2007 News

The Political Implications of the Hamas Electoral Victory

Tags: Fatah, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mecca Agreement, Palestinians, Political Islam

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A Conflicts Forum conference sponsored by the European Commission, Beirut, March 2007 In March of 2007, Conflicts Forum conducted a workshop on the political implications

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22/04/2007 Article

Dancing with Wolves: The Importance of Talking to Your Enemies

/ Michael Ancram

Tags: Ceasefires, Dialogue, Diplomacy, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Israel, Israel-Hezbollah war, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mediation, Middle East, War on terrorism

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A lecture delivered at the Middle East Institute, 1761 N St NW, Washington DC, on April 19, 2007 at 12 noon “It is often a

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04/04/2007 Article

Hamas as a Revolutionary Movement

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Political Islam


Palestine Internationalist, March, 2007 There is a perhaps apocryphal — if symbolic story — of the appearance of Hamas leader Abd Al-Aziz Al-Rantisi at the

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13/03/2007 News

Reviewing Hamas’s First Year in Government

Tags: Bush Administration, Hamas

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Since Hamas achieved a stunning victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections in January 2006, Conflicts Forum has been closely monitoring the subsequent shifts in the

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05/03/2007 Article

How the Saudis Stole a March on the US

/ Mark Perry & Alastair Crooke

Tags: Bush Administration, Diplomacy, Fatah, Hamas, Mecca Agreement, Middle East, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia

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Asia Times, March 5, 2007 Palestinian Authority advisers Saeb Erakat and Yasser Abed Rabbo arrived in Washington at the beginning of February confused and uncertain.

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