12/06/2012 Article

Towards a new Arab cultural revolution

From “awakening” to “cultural revolution”: why excitement and promise is turning into fear

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Democracy, Middle East, Political Islam, Salafism, Syria


Originally posted on Asia Times Online, 12 June 2012 The “Awakening” is taking a turn, very different to the excitement and promise with which it

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24/04/2012 Article

Counterterrorism and the New American Exceptionalism

The rhetoric of American exceptionalism

/ Mike Vlahos

Tags: Democracy, Obama administration, War on terrorism

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Conflicts Forum would like to thank Mike Vlahos for permission to circulate this paper which will be published shortly in the Review of Faith and

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02/04/2012 Article

The real Bashar Al-Assad

Away from the adulation or the vilification, the real Bashar Al Assad is the central figure that will influence the outcome of the Syrian crisis

/ Camille Otrakji

Tags: Democracy, Syria


Originally posted on The Syria Page, 2 April 2012 Conflicts Forum would like to thank Camille Otrakji for permission to re-post this article Among the

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27/03/2012 Article

Under The Threat Of War, Iranians Affirm Their Support For The Islamic Republic

Western reporting on the Islamic Republic’s parliamentary election displays little knowledge about Iran

/ Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Tags: Democracy, Iran, Media

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Article posted on www.raceforiran.com As we have discussed in multiple posts, major Western media outlets brought an agenda-driven and intellectually sloppy approach to their coverage

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03/02/2012 Article

UN Shenanigans on Syria

Attempts are being made to circumscribe discussion limiting it solely to proposals from the Arab League Secretary General and al-Thani whose explicit agenda is regime change.

/ Aisling Byrne

Tags: Democracy, Middle East, Syria, United Nations

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Article originally posted on Asia Times, 03 February 2012 “Viscous nasty business” … “aggressive pressure … by US diplomats”, “ferocious pressure on weaker non-permanent members”,

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05/01/2012 Article

A Mistaken Case for Syrian Regime Change

Arguably, the most important component in this struggle has been the deliberate construction of a largely false narrative pitting unarmed democracy demonstrators against an oppressive regime.

/ Aisling Byrne

Tags: Democracy, Iran, Middle East, Syria

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Article posted on Asia Times Online on 05 January 2012 and republished by Counterpunch in the USA. “War with Iran is already here,” wrote a

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