20/12/2012 Article

The Sharaa interview and the Iranian proposal: the need for a political solution

/ Amal Saad Ghorayeb

Tags: Iran, Syria

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Originally published in Amal Saad-Ghorayeb’s counter-hegemony unit blog, 18 Dec 2012 The concurrence of two important Syria-related developments today—Farouk al-Sharaa’s interview with Al-Akhbar and Iran’s 6 point proposal to resolve

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19/12/2012 Article

Al-Sharaa’s Proposal: Syria’s Last Chance

/ Ibrahim al-Amin

Tags: Syria


Originally published in Al-Akhbar English, December 18, 2012. The fighters on the ground in Syria are getting increasingly caught up in the minutiae of their daily

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15/10/2012 Article

Syria Could be Turkey’s Vietnam

Public opinion vs. Erdogan’s “forward policy” toward Syria

/ MK Bhadrakumar

Tags: Syria, Turkey

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Originally posted by MK Bhadrakumar, 15 October 2012 The recent polls have repeatedly shown that the Turkish public opinion is strongly opposed to any military

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09/10/2012 Article

The Regime’s Days are Numbered and Other Facets of the Syria Crisis Box

Finding a solution to the Syrian crisis will require thinking outside the (convenient) box

/ Camille Otrakji

Tags: Diplomacy, Middle East, Obama administration, Syria

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Originally posted on The Syria Page, 9 October 2012 The international community is escalating its commitment to winning the Syria conflict to unprecedented levels. Last

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08/10/2012 Article

Escalate at Your Own Risk in Syria, Prospects of a Horrific War are Real

Learning a painful lesson: why delusional expectations can easily lead to war

/ Camille Otrakji

Tags: Middle East, Obama administration, Syria

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Originally posted on The Syria Page, 8 October 2012 The Syria crisis is complex. But it can only be resolved when a number of simple

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02/09/2012 Article

Iranian Soft Power

Iranian foreign policy and the requirements for a political settlement in Syria

/ Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett

Tags: Iran, Middle East, Syria

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Originally posted on Race for Iran, 2 September 2012 CNN’s Nicole Dow featured Hillary in an interview on “Iran’s Soft Power Messaging” last week in

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