28/06/2011 Article

Ayatollah Khamenei and a Principled Foreign Policy

Without the advantage of being the founder of the Revolution, in some respects his leadership has been more impressive than that of the late Imam.

/ Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Tags: Bush Administration, Iran, Iraq, Islam and globalization


Paper presented at the International Conference: RENOVATION & INTELLECTUAL IJTIHAD IN IMAM KHAMENEI, Beirut, 6 & 7 June 2011. One of the most important points

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19/04/2009 Article

Power, Humiliation and Torture

By using the term “interrogation” the issue of sadistic retribution was effectively screened out of consideration.

/ Paul Woodward

Tags: Bush Administration, War on terrorism


War in Context, April 19, 2009 In the wake of 9/11, no phrase more succinctly projected the upwelling of popular jingoism across the United States

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12/06/2008 Article

America’s Victory in Lebanon

George Bush is not anything like Lord North: he may be out of his depth, but he’s not stupid.

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Bush Administration, Hezbollah, Lebanon


Bitterlemons, June 12, 2008 The prime minister of His Majesty’s Government, the rotund Lord North–reputed (falsely) to be the bastard son of George III–once sniffed

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20/04/2008 News

Carter Meeting Sparks New Debate Over Engaging Hamas

Tags: Bush Administration, Dialogue, Diplomacy, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Uncategorized

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Mark Perry (Conflicts Forum) and Robert Satloff (Washington Institute for Near East Policy), NewsHour, PBS, April 18, 2008 Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter met Friday

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01/04/2008 Article

Thoughts on the American Role in Palestinian-Israeli Peacemaking

A transcript of a paper presented at the Palestine Center

/ Frederic C Hof

Tags: Annapolis Conference, Bush Administration, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Remarks of Frederic C. Hof, The Palestine Center of the Jerusalem Fund, March 20, 2008 Fred Hof, a keen Middle East observer and former member

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03/03/2008 Article


Bush is first to note that he regularly mangles language (“Syria Leone”) but there is a lurking suspicion that his fumbling masks a deeper sense of American entitlement.

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Bush Administration, Middle East

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Bitter Lemons, February 21, 2008 While it may be difficult to remember, George W. Bush was once considered a debater who could match wits with

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22/01/2008 Article

Nasrallah Forecasts the Prospect of Coming Conflict


Tags: Bush Administration, Gaza, Hezbollah, Iran, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lebanon, Middle East, Syria


On January 15, the Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech celebrating the death anniversary of Shi’i Imam Al-Husayn. The following is

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01/11/2007 Publication

“Follow Us Not Them” — The Ramallah Model: Washington’s Palestinian Failure

/ Geoffrey Aronson

Tags: Bush Administration, Diplomacy, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians

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George Bush’s “vision” of a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based on the supremacy of the “Ramallah model” over the “Gaza model.” U.S. policy

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14/10/2007 Article

Ticking Clocks and ‘Accidental’ War

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Bush Administration, Hezbollah, Iran, Middle East, Syria


An edited version of this article appeared in the October edition of US/ME Policy Brief, US/Middle East Project. Whilst Washington looks at the Iranian prospects

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