16/10/2012 Article

The Ayoub Drone and Sparking War

What we can learn from a Hezbollah drone called Ayoub?

/ Yahya Dbouk

Tags: Ceasefires, Israel-Hezbollah war, Lebanon, Occupied Territories

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Originally posted on Al-Akhbar English, 16 October 2012 On 12 July 2006, Hezbollah breached the border fence between Lebanon and occupied Palestine. The operation aimed

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22/04/2007 Article

Dancing with Wolves: The Importance of Talking to Your Enemies

/ Michael Ancram

Tags: Ceasefires, Dialogue, Diplomacy, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Israel, Israel-Hezbollah war, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mediation, Middle East, War on terrorism

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A lecture delivered at the Middle East Institute, 1761 N St NW, Washington DC, on April 19, 2007 at 12 noon “It is often a

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04/03/2007 Article

From Rebel Movement to Political Party: The Case of the Islamic Resistance Movement

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Bush Administration, Ceasefires, Fatah, Hamas, Intifada, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians, Political Islam


The view held by many in the West that transformation from an armed resistance movement to political party should be linear, should be preceded by

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01/09/2004 Article

Waving, not Drowning: Strategic Dimensions of Ceasefires and Islamic Movements

/ Alastair Crooke & Beverley Milton-Edwards

Tags: Ceasefires, Hamas, Islamists, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Security Dialogue, September, 2004 In the arena of ethno-national conflict, the adoption of a ceasefire is regarded as a key trigger for allowing the development

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01/12/2003 Article

Hamas, Ceasefires and the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process

/ Alastair Crooke & Beverley Milton-Edwards

Tags: Ceasefires, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinians

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The World Today, December, 2003 When is a ceasefire more than a ceasefire?  When it builds agreement amongst contesting groups and has the potential to

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