25/10/2012 Article

Russia to be an “Efficient Balancer” in Asia

Whilst Russia’s heart and soul is still with the West, the East becomes a highly selective engagement

/ MK Bhadrakumar

Tags: Dialogue, Diplomacy, Europe, Middle East, Russia

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Originally posted by MK Bhadrakumar, 25 October 2012 It is a pity that I can’t recount the free-wheeling, scintillating discussions with the Russian intelligentsia and

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11/04/2012 Article

Stuff White People Like n.135 Humanitarian Intervention

If you want to retain white friends, you must adhere to a number of sacred rules: the stuff white people like

/ Marc Michael

Tags: Dialogue, Diplomacy, Europe, Obama administration, War on terrorism


First published on Jadaliyya on 11 April 2012 I usually get along with white people. For starters, I grew up in a white country. Some

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13/12/2010 Article

Tourists in Washington: Anatomy of a European Mideast Failure

Europe subordinated itself to the US principle that Israel's self-definition of its security needs should determine any negotiated solution.

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Europe, Gaza, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East, Obama administration, Occupied Territories, Palestinians, West Bank

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Article posted on www.foreignpolicy.com The ‘weakness’ of Europe – and also that of the US – in the Middle East is not essentially one of

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28/01/2010 Article

Imposing Middle East Peace

Israel has crossed the threshold from the Middle East’s only democracy to the only “apartheid regime” in the Western world.

/ Henry Siegman

Tags: Europe, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Obama administration, Palestinians


Report published by the Norwegian Peace-Building Centre The continued expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank seems to have finally locked in the permanence

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22/01/2007 News

Conflicts Forum Receives Grant From the European Union

Tags: Europe, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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In partnership with The Middle East Policy Initiative Forum and the Oxford Research Group “From Crisis to Opportunity: Inclusive Approaches to the Arab-Israeli Conflict” –

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21/12/2006 Article

The Middle East’s New Map

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Bush Administration, Europe, Middle East

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Bitter Lemons, December 21, 2006 In 1919, the world humbly bore the loss of one of its most imaginative diplomats, when 39-year-old Mark Sykes (the

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31/08/2006 Article

The “New Orientalism”

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Europe, Hezbollah, Israel-Hezbollah war


Bitterlemons, August 31, 2006 It’s unconscious. It slips out almost inadvertently. It is not deliberate but, rather, a reflex: an Israeli commentator discusses options for

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08/08/2006 Article

The Loser in Lebanon: The Atlantic Alliance

/ Mark Perry & Alastair Crooke

Tags: Europe, Hezbollah, Israel-Hezbollah war, Lebanon, UN

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Asia Times, August 8, 2006 The United States and France have produced a United Nations resolution of sorts aimed at ending the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict, but

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