28/06/2011 Article

Ayatollah Khamenei and a Principled Foreign Policy

Without the advantage of being the founder of the Revolution, in some respects his leadership has been more impressive than that of the late Imam.

/ Seyed Mohammad Marandi

Tags: Bush Administration, Iran, Iraq, Islam and globalization


Paper presented at the International Conference: RENOVATION & INTELLECTUAL IJTIHAD IN IMAM KHAMENEI, Beirut, 6 & 7 June 2011. One of the most important points

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11/04/2011 Publication

Islamic Visions of the Outcome of the Recent Arab Revolutions

/ Sheikh Chafiq Jaradi

Tags: Democracy, Diplomacy, Egypt, Islam and globalization, Islamists, Middle East

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Sheikh Chafiq Jaradi is General Director of the Institute of Sapiential Knowledge in Beirut, exclusively for Conflicts Forum.

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12/11/2009 Article

Why Can’t Muslim Societies Be More Like a Globalised West?

The Revolution is a ‘grand refusal’ to accept an understanding of the Self, or of the world about us, dominated by contemporary western consciousness.

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Islam and globalization, Islamists, Modernity

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New Global Studies Vol. 3 : Issue 2, Article 4. Published by The Berkeley Electronic Press BEIRUT – Many commentators on Islam make the same

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18/02/2007 Interview

Should the West Dialogue with Islamists?

Tags: Dialogue, Islam and globalization, Modernity, Political Islam


Alastair Crooke interviewed by Abdullah Faliq, The Cordoba Foundation, October-December, 2006 “…what Muslims hate is the West’s monopoly on the socio-economic implementation of values such

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27/11/2006 Interview

Meeting the Challenge of Coexistence

Tags: Hamas, Hezbollah, Islam and globalization


With Alastair Crooke, Panel on Mitigating Religious and Ethnic Conflict, Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, September 20, 2006 MARY ROBINSON: When you say you think

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