26/10/2012 Article

The Treasures of War: ‘Britain’s Great Adventure in Basra’

Exposing the real priorities behind the British occupation of Iraq

/ The Editors

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Originally posted on News Unspun, 26 October 2012 Radio 4’s Today programme of 16 October provided rare, frank insight into the priorities behind the British

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27/03/2012 Article

Under The Threat Of War, Iranians Affirm Their Support For The Islamic Republic

Western reporting on the Islamic Republic’s parliamentary election displays little knowledge about Iran

/ Seyed Mohammad Marandi

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Article posted on www.raceforiran.com As we have discussed in multiple posts, major Western media outlets brought an agenda-driven and intellectually sloppy approach to their coverage

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25/01/2011 Article

Misunderstanding Israeli Motives

Once Israel’s purpose is understood to be Zionist, the advantages and disadvantages of a Palestinian state coming into existence take on a very different balance.

/ Alastair Crooke

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Article posted on english.aljazeera.net Al Jazeera’s release of The Palestine Papers helps to make clear why there is no Palestinian state. It illuminates a key

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01/01/2009 Publication

Western Media Representations, Iran, and Orientalist Stereotypes

/ Seyed Mohammad Marandi

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The image of Iran is almost always negative in the western media. Whether it is the BBC, CNN, The New York Times, the International Herald

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06/07/2007 Article

CNN’s Image Fetish

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Hamas, Media


Thursday, July 5, 2007 was a fairly typical day for the world. In Iraq, two American soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb, while the

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