28/11/2012 Article

US lurching toward Middle East quagmire

/ M K Bhadrakumar

Tags: Middle East, Muslim Brotherhood, USA

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Published November 28 2012 on Indian Punchline   Barack Obama’s second term as president hasn’t yet begun, but it is going to be a tumultuous one

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27/11/2012 Publication

Peace on new terms in the post-Arab Spring Middle East

/ Ismail Patel

Tags: Arab Spring, Middle East


In the post Arab Spring milieu, the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people, Hamas, has found an ear from quarters once viewed by them

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25/10/2012 Article

Russia to be an “Efficient Balancer” in Asia

Whilst Russia’s heart and soul is still with the West, the East becomes a highly selective engagement

/ MK Bhadrakumar

Tags: Dialogue, Diplomacy, Europe, Middle East, Russia

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Originally posted by MK Bhadrakumar, 25 October 2012 It is a pity that I can’t recount the free-wheeling, scintillating discussions with the Russian intelligentsia and

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11/10/2012 Article

Russia Bridges Middle Eastern Divides

Russia is suddenly all over the Middle East

/ MK Bhadrakumar

Tags: Business, Middle East, Obama administration, Russia

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Originally posted on Asia Times, 11 October 2012 A multi-billion dollar arms deal with Iraq, a summit meeting with Turkey, a fence-mending exercise with Saudi

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09/10/2012 Article

The Regime’s Days are Numbered and Other Facets of the Syria Crisis Box

Finding a solution to the Syrian crisis will require thinking outside the (convenient) box

/ Camille Otrakji

Tags: Diplomacy, Middle East, Obama administration, Syria

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Originally posted on The Syria Page, 9 October 2012 The international community is escalating its commitment to winning the Syria conflict to unprecedented levels. Last

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08/10/2012 Article

Escalate at Your Own Risk in Syria, Prospects of a Horrific War are Real

Learning a painful lesson: why delusional expectations can easily lead to war

/ Camille Otrakji

Tags: Middle East, Obama administration, Syria

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Originally posted on The Syria Page, 8 October 2012 The Syria crisis is complex. But it can only be resolved when a number of simple

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02/09/2012 Article

Iranian Soft Power

Iranian foreign policy and the requirements for a political settlement in Syria

/ Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett

Tags: Iran, Middle East, Syria

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Originally posted on Race for Iran, 2 September 2012 CNN’s Nicole Dow featured Hillary in an interview on “Iran’s Soft Power Messaging” last week in

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13/06/2012 Article

Syria Alternatives (II): No Homegrown Solutions

Where now for Syria, and what role for the UN?

/ Radwan Mortada

Tags: Middle East, Syria, United Nations

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Originally posted on Al-Akhbar English, 13 June 2012 Opposition leaders inside Syria are increasingly at odds with exile groups over the future course of the

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12/06/2012 Article

Towards a new Arab cultural revolution

From “awakening” to “cultural revolution”: why excitement and promise is turning into fear

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Democracy, Middle East, Political Islam, Salafism, Syria


Originally posted on Asia Times Online, 12 June 2012 The “Awakening” is taking a turn, very different to the excitement and promise with which it

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