18/10/2009 Article

Nukes Aside, the Real Problem with Iran

It might seem counterintuitive to most Americans and Europeans, but Ahmadinejad’s advice might be worth pondering.

/ Alastair Crooke

Tags: Disarmament, Iran, Obama administration


Published in the Christian Science Monitor, the LA Times and Council for Foreign Relations (USA). Distributed by Tribune Media Services. The country is emerging as

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07/07/2009 Article

Meshaal Delivers Speech on Obama’s Position on Peace Process

/ Khalid Meshaal

Tags: Hamas, Obama administration


On June 25, Khalid Meshaal, head of the Hamas Political Bureau gave a televised speech in Damascus and said, in part: “… The Obama administration

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30/04/2009 Article

The Answer is Always Clausewitz

That war takes lives is not pertinent; organized killing is a specious fact undampened by good intentions.

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Iran, Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East, Obama administration


Bitter Lemons, April 30, 2009 The wry and oft-repeated saying among senior American military officers is always good for a laugh: “no matter what the

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15/01/2009 Article

Questions for Barack Obama

The hallmark of liberal societies is that they require obeisance to the same principles they are, in extremis, loathe to adopt. The respect for human life is one of these.

/ Mark Perry

Tags: Democracy, Israel, Middle East, Obama administration


Bitter Lemons, January 15, 2009 We await the arrival of Barack Obama. Some believe he will work wonders. Others aren’t so sure. This uncertainty has

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