11/01/2009 Article

Why the Gaza Calm Crashed

Some may read into this decision the cynicism of a movement that prioritises resistance; but this misreads how Hamas analyses their situation and understands the nature of resistance.

/ Alastair Crooke

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Many have asked in the wake of Israel’s attack on Gaza, how Hamas, if it saw the consequences of ending the ceasefire — and Hamas

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20/09/2008 News

Summary of Salafist Websites, Sept 08

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Salafist websites this week launched a barrage of stinging attacks on Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Predominantly these attacks came from sites linked

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20/04/2008 News

Carter Meeting Sparks New Debate Over Engaging Hamas

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Mark Perry (Conflicts Forum) and Robert Satloff (Washington Institute for Near East Policy), NewsHour, PBS, April 18, 2008 Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter met Friday

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01/04/2008 Article

Thoughts on the American Role in Palestinian-Israeli Peacemaking

A transcript of a paper presented at the Palestine Center

/ Frederic C Hof

Tags: Annapolis Conference, Bush Administration, Hamas, Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Remarks of Frederic C. Hof, The Palestine Center of the Jerusalem Fund, March 20, 2008 Fred Hof, a keen Middle East observer and former member

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13/03/2008 Article

The Middle East Peace Process: The Case for Jaw-jaw not War-war

When I opened talks with Sinn Féin/Irish Republican Army (IRA), such was the anger of the Ulster Unionists that they declared me ‘contaminated’ and withdrew from talks.

/ Michael Ancram

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Accord (Issue 19), Conciliation Resources, 2008 When I opened talks with Sinn Féin/Irish Republican Army (IRA), such was the anger of the Ulster Unionists that

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04/02/2008 Article

Refusing Talk to Facilitate Talk – The Paradox of Islamist Dialogue

The idea that non-Western cultures and language is somehow ephemeral and parochial is an idea deeply rooted in colonialism and colonial thinking.

/ Alastair Crooke

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The Bill and Sally Hambrecht Distinguished Peacemakers Lectures at AUB — Lecture by Alastair Crooke, The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs,

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