The Political Implications of the Hamas Electoral Victory from the Islamist Perspective

Azzam Tamimi

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The Hamas election victory in January of 2006 sent shockwaves through the Arab world — and through Islamists with varying convictions. The debate among Islamists over whether Hamas should have participated in the elections has been intense. But Hamas’s willingness to maintain its principled non-acceptance of the Quartet conditions has dampened Islamist criticism of the movement and bolstered the movement’s argument that participation does not entail compromise.

The monograph’s author, Dr. Azzam Tamimi, is on the Conflicts Forum Advisory Board. He is Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought (IIPT) in London and Former Director of the Islamic Movement Parliamentary Office, Amman, Jordan. His most recent book, Hamas: Unwritten Chapters, was published by Hurst in London in November 2006 and was published in the U.S. this year by Olive Branch Press under the title, Hamas: A History from Within.

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