Alastair Crooke on BBC Radio 4

Start the Week, BBC Radio 4, February 23, 2009

Alastair Crooke recently appeared on Start the Week, presented by Andrew Marr, where he discussed his recently published book, Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution.

The complete broadcast can be heard here (in RealAudio).

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  1. jobarker wrote:

    Alastair, you were wonderful…but, the BBC just couldn’t stick with the subject of Hamas…how they jumped to the birth of Jesus sounds a little perverted…what is it that these peoples cannot hold an open mind away from their ignorance?? You are very much admired by me…this perversion of reality of the deeds of Hamas & their motivations/actions..The so-called “modern countries” are more perverted re: truth in reality…& they are no Christians…Jesus would have stood by Hamas…his followers are perverted…You, Alastair, are marvelously prescient in your writing…I will be buying your book this week!!

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