Cultures of Resistance, issue II

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Volume I, Issue II: From the Margins to the Centre

From the Margins to the Centre: An Irish Republican Narrative of Resistance – Raymond McCartney
A Discourse of Demonisation – Seyed Mohammad Marandi
Introducing a New Political Discourse – Alastair Crooke
Moving Forward in South Africa – Ambassador Mohamed Dangor
Hearing the Call – Adli Jacobs
Anti-Apartheid Islam – Na’eem Jeenah
Mscnceptns of Islm – Sheikh Chafiq Jaredah
Resistance & Freedom – Raafat Murra

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  1. spadesaspade wrote:

    For many years people have been asking to have the depositions for Raymond Mc Cartney be disclosed as its heavily suggested he voluntary offered to be the first supergrass prepared to testify against fellow republicans.
    These requests have gone totally ignored fueling the fire of suspicion.

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