The Expiration of the ‘Peace Process’: Where now for the Middle East?

Alastair Crooke

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A ‘peace process’ that, from its inception, took Israel’s self-definition of its own security needs as the sole determinate of the walls within which any solution for Palestinians was to be conducted, has reached exhaustion. Based on such a reductive premise, its arrival at this deathly nadir, with no more than a prospect of disjointed alleviated occupation, possessing the most hollow trappings of statehood as its final security-led outcome, should evoke no surprise.

The non-solution to which such a premise would take us would defuse nothing: indeed, it might well prove to be the spark that could exacerbate or explode simmering regional animosities – even if these animosities were not ostensibly linked directly to the Palestinian issue.

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  1. James Yvonne Kibris wrote:

    Once again incisive and accurate if unpoular analysis but absolutely right interpetation of the *exciting times* we live in.

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